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April 11, 2010

Hemp Protein Health Benefits

Hemp Protein – One of nature’s best kept “secrets”

Since hemp protein has entered the arena of dietary supplements it has been argued that it is superior to some other forms of natural protein. Compared to soy and whey protein the hemp protein appears to be a better choice all around, for nutrition and for lack of side effects. Health enthusiasts and body builders claim that hemp protein in any form is a good choice. It should be noted here that industrial hemp and hemp for consumption as a dietary supplement is not the same strain of hemp (cannabis) that produces a psychoactive effect. That hemp is from the female plant while this is from the male plant. This type of hemp has a tiny amount of THC compared to marijuana.

Hemp is a nutritionally full food choice. It contains protein and is loaded with fiber. It has vitamin E, phytosterols, carbohydrates and some trace minerals. Edistine is known to boost the immune system and help with digestion. Hemp protein is considered to be a “complete protein” and contains all 8 essential amino acids. (the ones that the human body does not produce) Another area of interest for hemp enthusiasts is its high concentration of EFAs, or essential fatty acids. This includes important omega-3 and -6 in a recommended ratio of 1:3, plus gamma-linolenic and stearidonic polyunsaturated acids.

Hemp oil is a very unsaturated oil and not suitable for frying due to a low smoke point. It is used for certain skin conditions like eczema. In addition to use for oil, hemp seeds can be eaten or sprouted and then ground into powder. There are hemp nut butter and ice cream products. Many add hemp to cereal, bread, waffles or other foods and drinks.

Hemp protein powder is sometimes preferred over whey protein. Body builders use whey protein to bulk up but the product can bulk up inside the digestive track which is not what is wanted. Soy protein can cause some allergies and contains inhibitors that block absorption of protein. Other problems with consuming soy protein include stomach upset and gas. It should be noted, that if you are into body building, then it can become expensive, to get the same amount of protein with hemp protein supplements, than with whey products. Whey supplements often comes extremely cheap, but the quality is often very low.

There are many other health benefits attributed to consumption of industrial hemp protein. This includes the reduction of cardiovascular disease and some cancers to improvements with problems like bipolar disease and rheumatoid arthritis. Hemp contains no gluten and requires no pesticides or herbicides for growth.

Industrial hemp has been used by humans for about 7000 years. Hemp protein should be used quickly and stored in a cool area. It has other uses for fabric and rope. It is an extremely strong and fast growing plant that produces hundreds times more fiber than cotton or flax when grown on the same land. Hemp protein does not require processing with hexane as does soy protein. It is a naturally occurring plant that has not been genetically altered.

Organic hemp protein is ideal for use by the vegan population and it is a kosher food. Hemp has no sugar and no trans-fat. Hemp protein apparently does not cause allergies and it is a good source of important minerals including calcium and iron.

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